I get a little crazy when my kids have birthdays. I’m not a fan of math, but my mind starts racing with numbers whenever it’s time to add a candle to a cake.


Eight is twice as big as when he was four.

Eight is four times as big as when he was just two.

Eight is two years away from double digits.

Eight is halfway to 16 and driving and all the insanity that comes with high school.

All of these things seem equally impossible.

And next thing you know, I’m practically weeping over sending my oldest off to college while thinking about how he was just a baby.



But no need just yet, because he is right here next to me, explaining in vast detail the nuances of Jedi training.

In fact, he is usually near me, in my immediate orbit. He likes to be around us, to rely on us. And while he gains more independence and with each year, he reminds me all the time that he wants to be a kid forever. I love that he is in no hurry to grow up (and wish that he would give the memo to his sister).

This boy who made me a mother has a sweet, kind and sentimental nature most times (unless his quick temper is kicking in). He adores his role as the firstborn and dotes on his baby brother. He would be unlikely to admit that his sister is his best friend, but I know that he loves transforming her princesses into inter-galactic warriors and teaching her the principles of battle.

This year, we folded our family trip to Disney World into his birthday, and he couldn’t be more thrilled. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, he’s ready to wear his birthday pin and march down Main Street USA for everyone to know that the day belongs to him.

I know that his years of being a little boy are drawing to a close. Maybe it’s happening more quickly than I’m willing to admit. I honestly don’t even know where the last year went, with days of Star Wars and reading and Skylanders, Cub Scouts and tennis and homework.

But I’ll just put all that aside for now, repress my crazy math, and put the candles on the Jedi cake to celebrate all that eight will bring for him this year.

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet boy.





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