Who Runs This Place?

Who’s in charge around here, you ask?

That would be me — I’m the mayor, CEO and head typist of Fordeville. Unless you’re looking for money.

Basically, I think life’s everyday insanity can be great writing material. Maybe you’ll agree. I can tell you this much for starters.

I don’t usually lead with this, but I’m a born and bred Jersey Girl. After a long hiatus in NYC, I eventually moved back. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty much loving suburbia. Nobody was more surprised by this than me.

I’ve been married for 13 years to a fabulous guy. This photo is not really a fair representation of us, since it was taken on a rare night out without our children. So don’t let the looks of relaxation and joy throw you.



We have three kids — ages 11, 8 and 4. They are adorable but they can be little terrorists too. And we pretty much figure it out as we go. This is one of a handful of photos of them in existence where nobody’s head is cut off, nobody is crying, they are all in the frame and generally looking in the right direction. But let’s be serious. Most days, they are really just plotting their next move to take down my remaining shreds of sanity.



And this is Señor, Head Household Pet and Chief Bacon Officer of Fordeville. He snores louder than an 80 year-old man and hates me for bearing the children who have taken down what was once his kingdom. As you can see, he would like to escape. He and I trade letters sometimes — you can find them here and here.


In my previous life, I had a career in Corporate Communications and PR, but I took the express bus out of Crazytown a few years ago to stay at home with my kids. Once I was home full-time, it took a while for me to understand why my kids wouldn’t respond to the logic of a well-laid-out Power Point deck. Now I’ve resorted to Because I said so.

That covers the big stuff. We can talk about my stalking of/undying love for/secret imaginary marriage to Bono another day.

Enough about my blog. You can also find me on other sites. Because, sometimes, people have a momentary lapse in sanity and let me write for them. Like here:

Sometimes, people even let me get up on a stage and read my work. Even when I was about 239 months pregnant and nearly passing out from abject fear.
And then there were those times I got to be published. In real books. Crazy, right?
This one went to #1 on the Amazon Humor Essays list, and then made it on the NY Times Best Seller List. It’s true! More on that here.


And then I was lucky enough to be in this one, too. Find out more here.

And this one!

 And this one!



And this one!




AND, the newest one!


And then there were those two time when BlogHer named me as a Humor Voice of the Year (2013 and 2014). How fun is that? And how crazy are they?


So that’s the story. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my medium-to-intense social media addiction. So if you’d like to follow along on Facebook, I’m over here.  If you prefer me contained to 140 characters or less (I don’t blame you), you can follow me on Twitter.  For photos of the everyday madness —  often out of focus — I’m on Instagram. And if you prefer me completely silent but still think I have great taste in appetizers and home decor, come see me on Pinterest.  To contact me directly or to remind me to turn off the crock pot, drop an email over to fordeville05 at gmail dot com.

Thanks so much for stopping by!