Missing Out

I won’t get into the whole working vs staying at home debate right now, but I’ll just say that there are obviously things I miss out on during my office tour of duty every week.  Milestones, school happenings and just the silly, fun, mundane stuff. 

Like this.

I don’t know who the strange bear/chef is and why he was roaming the grocery store — though, admittedly, he freaks me out a bit — but my nanny says that the baby was enthralled.   So enthralled, in fact, that said unnamed freaky bear/chef sent them home with a miniature stuffed version of himself, which the baby proceeded to hug all weekend.   The mini stuffed version is far less freaky.

Anyway, I missed it.  It wasn’t a huge, life-changing moment  — but it was awfully sweet.

(Does this bear roam your grocery store?  Just curious.)

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