On the second day of the 26th week, the God of Endless Home Renovations bestowed an incredible gift upon us.

A fully functional, newly installed (again) washing machine and dryer.  It was like a mirage before my weary eyes.

No more trips to the wash and fold {farewell, Bruce, and thanks for the great origami laundry folding — maybe we’ll have you over for Christmas}.

No more threats of catheters for the kids.

No more bans on markers.  Or condiments {ketchup for all!}.

Once the installation was complete, I proceeded to go batshit crazy and washed every possible piece of clothing, bedding and linens I could get my hands on.  In my giddy haze, I even considered doing some of those TV commercial experiments where people spill the red wine on the white shirt just to test the detergent.  For kicks.  I mean, the red wine was handy.

I know it will wear off, this laundry buzz.  But, come on, six months was a long time to go without it.  Especially relative to the initial five week timetable.  I think I might apply for the next season of Survivor.

So.  Is the project finished?


{Profane rant directed at General Contractor omitted for the sake of common decency. Or maybe litigation.}

But almost.  It’s so close, I can taste it.  Or maybe that’s just the effect of the wine fridge being installed.

For now, I’m focusing on this small miracle — my shiny new laundry machines are home at last.

So can I get an Amen?


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  1. Brett Minor says:

    Congratulations. I have only had to go without my own washer and dryer a few times and it sucks to go to a laundry mat.

  2. Ed says:

    Amen? Is that a new kind of wine?

  3. Beth says:


    • fordeville says:

      I knew I could count on you for an enthusiastic response! Mainly because I was getting dangerously close to taking over your laundry room.

  4. Ninja Mom says:

    You get an amen and a fake peace prize. 6 months at the laundromat and you didn’t commit a felony. That’s some serious zen, momma.

    • fordeville says:

      I’ve been called many things in my life, but zen is not one of them. This is a new distinction for me. {And it’s now clear to me that I glaringly understated how much I lost my shit over this situation.}

  5. Alicia says:

    Amen, sista

  6. Anna says:

    mazel tov!

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