The Male Mind in the Grocery Store

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Be careful what you wish for.”

“Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”

If we were playing $10,000 Pyramid, these would all be clues I could give you to describe a recent singular event here.   And we’d both be wearing plaid polyester.  In the Winner’s Circle, of course.

Contrary to popular belief, the answer to my clues wouldn’t be “Bad Cliches My Mother Overuses.”

No.  It would be “Things I Have Been Mumbling to Myself After Sending My Husband to the Grocery Store With the Kids.”

My back was out again last week.  Which played out nicely in avoiding things like laundry and grocery shopping.  My husband was more than helpful.  And I really shouldn’t complain that he did the grocery shopping.  I shouldn’t.

Because that would be bitchy and ungrateful.

I won’t complain.  I’ll just document what items came back with him.



If anyone needs me, I’ll be working on getting the Entenmann’s figure down to 5%.  It seems more productive and enjoyable than complaining.

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  1. Marcos says:

    I would have bet money that a full 50% would have been Ring Dings!!!

  2. Keesha says:

    Yeah, I totes agree with the looking the gift horse in the mouth/bitchy/ungrateful thing but really. My hubs went grocery shopping the other day, and I came home to find the freezer stuffed to the gills with potato products – potato pancakes and HASH BROWNS. We had enough snacks for a whole playground full of toddlers. But nothing for MEALS. I am still playing the cooking match game with how to make a meal around what this dude brought home. Brunch for dinner, anyone?

  3. My circle graph of what my husband buys is almost identical. Except where you have 10% fruit I have 10% sugary carbonated beverages 🙁

    • fordeville says:

      I firmly believe the fruit was thrown in to reduce my rage. Like a decoy for the donuts, cookies and cakes x 100.

  4. Ok, I’m laughing because my hubby never buys stuff for me to fix the kids, he buys all of the adult food and then MY trip to the grocery store ends up looking like your hubby’s!

  5. What is the obsession with the Entenmann’s products? I read this post to my husband (through laugh-tears) and his contribution? “Mmmmm…Entenmann’s. 20% doesn’t seem like enough Entenmanns.”

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