Evening News: Winter Break Edition

Thank you for joining this special edition of the evening news. Tonight we take a look back at Winter Break 2013/14 through the eyes of one family.

  • I loved the break! It lasted so, so, soooo long! My favorite part was the extra screen time my mom gave us, especially when everyone was throwing up.” – Child, age 4
  • “Can I go back to work now? Maybe taking seven vacation days was really going overboard. And what is that crusty substance on the floor of the minivan?” — Husband/Father
  • “***(^&&^%&^%$$^%&” — Infant, age 6 months {Translation: “They tried to sleep train me but I prevailed. I own these people, especially overnight. And what’s with all the vomiting?”}
  • “What? Who? Where? Did someone puke again? Is the break over yet?” — Wife/Mother

But first, we start our coverage with some breaking news.

After an extensive search & rescue effort, there are now reports that a patch of carpet has finally been spotted under the pile of wreckage known as Hurricane Christmas.

Yes, folks. A mere ten-ish days after Santa left the building, unnamed sources close to the family claim there is hope to restore this area to its pre-December status as a functioning living room.

These accounts remain unconfirmed at this hour. We do know for sure that wrapping paper remnants, boxes and toys have overtaken what has been called “a shockingly unacceptable perimeter.” More on this as recycling bags and European vacuums are delivered to the sight.


In other news:

  • Moving on to the weather: Last Friday’s snow storm {sponsored by karma} produced about 8-10 inches outside. But the real story here is the shit storm that was happening in the house. Laundry accumulations outperformed even the most outrageous estimates, especially after the stomach bug took out all five family members over the holiday break. At last calculation, it appeared that the residence has accrued approximately 749 metric tons of dirty clothes, but experts warn that these figures are considered preliminary and could continue to climb.
  • In today’s health news: Christmas cookies for breakfast — just how much is too much? If you answered, “even one serving after January 1,” you might be surprised. Household members taken down by the Gastroenteritis Christmas Plague beg to differ. Says one unnamed mom, “But I had no source of calories or blood sugar regulation for 48 hours. Surely this is the fastest path to resetting my system to its normal levels. And is it wrong to alternate between yoga pants and pajamas for two and a half weeks? It is? Shut up — when does school start?”
  • Taking a look at consumer spending trends in the area, it sure has been a windfall for local liquor sales. In fact, one nearby wine store in particular reported unprecedented sales coinciding with the announcement of public schools being closed on Friday after students had reported back just one day earlier.
  • Let’s talk sports! This household is producing some major contenders who have been training 24/7 since school was released on December 20. While previously unranked beyond the domestic level, look for members of this family on the Sochi medal podium in events such as Whining & Bickering Doubles, Synchronized Distance Vomiting, Parental Speed Drinking and Decathalon Sleep Deprivation. Put your support behind Team USA!

We’re just about out of time for tonight’s special report. We hope you enjoyed this look at Winter Break.

Please join us next week for “Dear God, Is it Still January?”

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  1. I was so entertained by this that I feel like I have done something horrible. You poor, poor, thing. Ellen
    Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms recently posted…10 Great Things to Remember About 2013My Profile

  2. Your misery = our laughter. I hate to love this, but, yes…I love this.
    Bethany @ Bad Parenting Moments recently posted…If at first you don’t succeed, come sit next to me.My Profile

  3. Kenya says:

    OMG… hope you are all feeling better… and just have more wine! :)
    Kenya recently posted…Cold, Snow, Spring, FrozenMy Profile

  4. Rebecca Stay says:

    Is it wrong to feel so much better about my life having read all your misery? Having said that, my son has a whole other week off until he goes back to school. Hmmm, not laughing anymore.

    Thank you for allowing us to be entertained at your expense!
    Rebecca Stay recently posted…Dang! Where Was My Great Comeback When I Needed It Most?!?My Profile

  5. Leslie says:

    Holy crap is this clever! I love it! I’m sorry you had such a shitstorm, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only Mom whose kids’ retinas have been fortified with a steady diet of pixels and Gamma rays this holiday season. Happy New Year sweet thang!
    Leslie recently posted…Hey kids, don’t stick your tongues in there, m’kay?My Profile

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