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Wednesdays can suck in a lot of ways, right?

I guess that whole “Oh-look-it’s-already-the-middle-of-the-week” thing can be uplifting.  At least I’ve heard.  Or, if you’re like me, you might think of Wednesday more like “Holy shit, I still have to make it 2.5 more days to get to the weekend.”

But, I have good news.  Turns out there are two nice upsides to Wednesdays:

1)  The summer drink special at the bar up the street from my house

2)  Finding the Funny

Finding the Funny

If you’re not familiar with #2, it’s a great weekly link-up of — you guessed it — funny posts, hosted by Kelley’s Break Room and My Life and Kids.  I usually try to link up something I’ve written, hoping it’s funny enough.  And even if it’s not, it’s always fun to read the other submissions.

This week, I had Finding the Funny homework.  I’ve been tasked with telling you which are my favorite five out of this week’s 52 posts.  Not a bad gig, right?

So, here we go.

1)  Ah, This is Push It — Ninja Mom.  She lives inside my mind, Ninja Mom.  And apparently inside my shoes as well.  It’s all about how subtly you can physically “prompt” your kids out the door, now, isn’t it?

2)  Make 4th of July Fun or Die Trying — Hollow Tree Ventures.  Why, yes, this national holiday is a real hoot while trying to navigate pyrotechnics with your children.  I felt her pain.

3)  9 Things I Learned at the Water Park of America — People I Want to Punch in the Throat.  Seriously, this singlehandedly validated every. single. fear. I have of water parks.  Sorry, kids, I have now pushed back our water park timeline from “maybe we’ll go next year” to “probably never.”

4)  No, It is Not Hot Enough for Me — Good Day, Regular People (The Empress).  Look, she invokes both Chuck Norris and Bananarama.  Need I say more?

5)  Firecracker, Firecracker, Sis-Boom, Blah Blah Blah — Actual Times May Vary.  More July 4th fun with the kids.  Bonus points for mosquito-feasting graphics and insanity-inducing repeat bathroom trips.

At the risk of sounding like a late-night ginsu knives informercial — Wait, there’s more!

Honorable Mention:

Aw, nuts.  Or, how puppies and testicles are related. — The Bearded Iris.  So, really, if you weren’t already considering using your pet’s genitalia as an opportunity for a life lesson, this should sway you.

Lessons Learned by Seeing Magic Mike — Let Me Start By Saying.  Hang onto those matinee listings, folks.  Read this first before you buy your popcorn.

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder.  Here I am at Camp Granada.  — Bad Parenting Moments.  Oh yes, the magical pull of summer camp.  I packed those lunches, sunscreen and medical forms a little faster after reading this.

* * *

So if your Wednesday is sucking the life out of you, stop by these blogs and have a read.  Although they won’t bring your weekend any closer, they will give you something fun to do while you plan Friday’s happy hour in your mind.

{T minus 58 hours.}



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  1. Love your choices! I had to go through over 60 entries the week I did this, but the laughs I got were totally worth the time…OMG, there are some awesome stories out there.
    Thanks for getting my Magic Mike post on the Honorable Mentions list! Could you hear me gasping at the screen while you were in Europe as I watched it? YUM.

  2. Meredith says:

    What, Wednesdays sucking the life out of you?? No, never…what time does that bar start the drink special? I’ll be there 😉 Great picks!

  3. *SQUEEEEEEEEEE* (collects self, smoothes hair). Thank you for the honorable mention! I am thrilled to be in such great company. Looking forward to more funny this week.

    • fordeville says:

      Your piece hit so damn close to home with the arrival of summer camp. Where do we sign up for extra camp sessions, by the way?

  4. SWEET! Thank you for picking my son’s “butt-hangers” as one of your honorable mentions! I can’t wait to tell him how popular his gooch was among the blogging set when he is older. 😉

    And now I have some reading to do! (You obviously have awesome taste.)

    Pleased to meetcha, by the way. I’m Leslie and I’ve had too much coffee today. Forgive my verbal diarrhea and overly enthusiastic ball-talk.

    • fordeville says:

      Great to meet you — and thanks for stopping by! What is this “too much coffee” you speak of? This is a foreign concept to me.

  5. Alexandra says:


    How’d you get fun homework like this?

    True dat, LOVE the Finding the funny.

    The humor bloggers keep me going. No understatement.

    THANKS FOR THE MENTION, awesome one.


    SEE YOU AT BLOGHER!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Christie says:

    Wow, Kim…thank you so much for putting my post in your fave five among a group of funny writers I hold in high regard! I’m a relatively new reader to your blog, and I have to say. you had me at Mr. Zero.

    Anyway, you’re one talented and funny writer yourself, so I’m highly complimented you enjoyed something I wrote. Which reminds me of another WHMS scene, when they’re all in the restaurant and Marie mentions something she saw in a magazine that Jess wrote, and he’s all, “It spoke to you and that pleases me.” I should also point out that somewhere in there Marie replies with a “Get over yourself.” (Side note: Sadly, I cannot take credit for “Pesto is the Quiche of the 80’s” though).

    Okay, I’ve now exceeded the limit for movie quotes per comment. Huge thanks again!

    • fordeville says:

      “Restaurants are to the 80s what theater was to people in the 60s…I read that in a magazine.”
      “I wrote that.”
      “You WROTE THAT? I’ve never quoted a magazine before in my life. That’s amazing — don’t you think that’s amazing?!”

      There, now we’ve both exceeded the quote quota 🙂

  7. Summer homework well done! These were so funny. Ellen

  8. Whaaaaaaat??? I can’t believe it, thank you SO MUCH for the mention! You have a great list here, and I’m honored to be included with such funny bloggers BY such a funny blogger! 🙂

    • fordeville says:

      No thanks needed! I was so glad to read such a real account of what it takes to enjoy a national holiday with young kids in tow. Practically impossible, right? I felt (oh so) slightly less insane afterwards.

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